Each ham is hickory smoked, slow and easy for up  to 30  hours to ensure that every ham is always tender, juicy, and evenly baked from  your first bite to very last.  Honey spiced Glaze. 


Ready to Serve Just as soon as you bring it home.


Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free


Best Served at Room Temperature or if you wish heat in foil, at 350degrees, 5-7 min per pound.

Freezing & Refrigeration –should be consumed in 1 week or can be frorzen for up to 60 days.


Sprial Sliced –unique method of slicing the ham around the bone so slices remain in place.


Ham Sizes and Suggested Serving Size when placing your order:


Half 6-8lbs.         Serves 14 approx.

Half 8-10lbs.       Serves 16 approx.

Half 10-12lbs.     Serves  18 approx.

Whole 12-16lbs   Serves 30 approx.


Call to Reserve yours: 519-741-1437 (Ask for Catering Department)