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La Goccia D’Oro – Feudetto Nocellara EVOO
Description: Italy, Sicily- Intense Full bodied with strong herbaceous notes as well as notes of tomato leaves & artichokes and hints of thyme and oregano. Pleasantly balanced with a nice bitter and peppery-pungent finishing aftertaste. High in polyphenols, a natural antioxidant.
Ideal for use with typical Mediterranean dishes (especially those with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, fennels, such as Sicilian caponata), marinated or grilled tuna or other fish, grilled white meats, beef carpaccio, grilled or steamed vegetables bruschetta, caprese salad, summer pastas and soups. Can also be used as a topping on soft cheeses, like mozzarella or ricotta, or simply drizzled on warm toasted bread.
Region Southwest Sicily, Italy Cultivar:100% Monocultivar –  Nocellara del Belice Aroma:Intense Fruity
Country: Italy