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Casa Andia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Description: Produced on the Property of the Counts of Anadia, Azeites do Ribatejo D.O.P., is the result of the best Portuguese olive varieties selection existing on the terroir, Galega and Cobrançosa.
The Galega gives this olive oil its fruitiness, softness and delicateness, while the Cobrançosa add the body and the complexity that makes this olive oil like no other. These grapes are picked at their ideal stage of maturity and are cold extracted within hours to maintain its freshness and full flavour.
A smooth extra virgin olive oil, balanced, with slight to average green-ripe olive fruitiness, with smooth hints of apple, green olive tree leaf, and slight pepper and piquant. It has a relatively persistent finish of dried fruits on the palate. This extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered.
Use: Perfect olive oil to use as a dressing on delicate salads and fruits (avocados), as a finishing oil to drizzle over cooked pasta, fish and seafood, and meats, such as chicken, pork and beef (carpaccio).
Ingredient Designations: D%2EO%2EP%2E