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LA BÛCHETTE -VegNature - Plant Based Goat Cheese
Description:  La Buchette - Plant-base goat cheese.
Rich, creamy and tasty, elevate your everyday cooking with our plant-based goat cheese that will make everything taste better. Spread it, cook it, bake it!
 Made from natural ingredients, dairy-free & preservative-free, the bûchette is without a doubt your new ally in the kitchen.
Taste it, and your life will never be the same again. plant-based goat cheeses available in six different flavors. • Garlic & leeks • Herbes de Provence & onions • Nuts & cranberries • Original • Tomatoes & basil • Three peppers & chives
Ingredients: Non-roasted cashews, Water, Cacao butter, Sea salt, Dehydrated leeks, Granulated garlic, Spices, Bacterial culture.
Contains: Cashews.
May contains: Wheat.
​​Just plants. 
No bad stuff.
Ingredient Designations: Plant Based
Country: Canada