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Italy, Campagnia- Intense 100% Ortice olives from 1400 trees averaging 65 years in age. Hand harvested and pressed within hours ensuring low free acidity and high levels of Vitamin A and antioxidants. Green-gold color, balanced and very fresh tasting. A delicious olive oil.
Smells and tastes like a fresh bowl of radishes, lettuce and green olives. Flavors of green tomato, green almonds, lettuce and apple follow on the palate. Ortice was considered one of the greatest oils in Roman times. An incredible olive oil. It shows very well when served raw over mushroom risotto and broiled halibut.
• 96 points – Flos Olei Guide 2014
• Gold Medal Award Medium Other - NYIOOC 2014
• Gold Medal Award Medium Other - NYIOOC 2015
• the international competition TerraOlivo 2015 in