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Uisge -pronounced "oosh-guh" in Scottish.
Bottled by Uisge  as the very best water with which to enjoy a fine Scotch whisky - and what better water to use than one from the same region as that favourite tipple! This was bottled from the Cairngorms Well in Moray. It's a soft water, very low in minerals.
Experts recommend the addition of a few drops of Water from the source to open up and appreciate the flavours of Single Malt Scotch Whisky because:
 - it softens the alcohol prickle;
 - reveals hidden flavours;
 - and protects the character of the spirit.
We have 3 types available:
1. Speyside Water (soft water; low in minerals;filtered through granite)
2. Islay Water (higher natural acidity; filtered through peat)
3. Highland Water (hard water; high in minerals; filtered through limestone and sandstone.