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Seriously, this new and improved bar is delicious!  If you dig citrus, man you’ll love this bar.
The 76% Limon Salt bar is a new and improved version of the 82% Lemon Lime.
Slightly sweeter and saltier and a bit more lime, the citrusy flavours are layered and impart a lightness unlike any of our other offerings (our customers say this bar tastes like Skittles).
We’ve added a blend of citrus essential oils to our base of 76% cacao, cane, vanilla beans, salt and voila, good stuff! Citrus essential oils may help improve brain function and create a fresh pallet, so get your sexy on with Giddy Citrus! #WINNING #CHILDHOODMEMORIES #mmmm
Love & Gratitude Cert. Organic Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste Cert. Organic Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals Cert. Organic Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter Raw whole Vanilla Beans Ecuadorian Mountain Salt Cert. Organic Citrus Essential Oils.
*Certified Organic by ECOCERT CANADA.