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Decadent chocolates from the world's finest chocolatiers. Bite size, bar size, spreadable and drinkable, this magical indulgence is sure to please Chocolate Lovers.
May include: Fancy Truffles, Cookies, Stonewall's Chocolate Sauce; Chocola from Belgium; Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate; Lindt Excellence chocolates; Nutella imported from Italy, Camino Fair Trade Chocolates; Chocolate Biscotti, plus a selection of other fine products depending on price of basket chosen.
Medium Priced basket shown.
GIFT BAG OPTION - A small sized basket may be available to be wrapped in a Vincenzo's Burlap Gift Bag tied up with ribbon and tissue paper for $40.
PLEASE NOTE: The basket design choices shown are just samples of various baskets we can do. If you do not see exactly what you like in either product choice or price range, please give us a call and we will gladly customize a gift basket for your needs. Call and ask to speak to a Basket Designer.