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Get Well Soon

All the essentials you need for a speedy recovery


This Basket Includes:

-Honey & Me Honey

-Twinning Herbal Variety Pack

-Goodvibes Sick Day Shots

-Dalla Terra Antipasto

-Vincenzos Fresh Orange Juice-1L

-Fishermans Friends Lozenges

-House Brie Cheese

-Applewood Smoekd Cheddar

-Barries Wheat Crackers

-Pacific Roasted Red Pepper Soup

-17 Cooks Squash & Apple Soupp

-Mcvities Digestive Cookies

-Swiss Chlaet Chicken Soup

-Ricola Lozenges

Built in Square Wicker Basket




PLEASE NOTE: The basket design choices shown are just samples of various baskets we can do. If you do not see exactly what you like in either product choice or price range, please give us a call and we will gladly customize a gift basket for your needs. Call and ask to speak to a Basket Designer at 519-741-1437 or email us at [email protected]


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