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Boulart French Baguette

Boulart crafts a bread that combines traditional, artisan bread making with modern convenience.

Carefully selected ingredients, specifically top-quality unbleached, untreated flour, filtered water, and sea salt combined with a long fermentation time allow the dough to fully develop nuanced flavors and aromas.

The result is an extraordinary bread with a delicious taste, crisp, golden crust, and a moist and tender honeycombed crumb.

Taste the Boulart difference!

  • Non-GMO
5.00 out of 5 stars
1 rating
Nov 4, 2021 at 5:17 PM
The best thing I have every eaten
I do not know how to express the happiness I felt with words when I took a whiff of this baguette and actually bit into it this physical experience of heaven so I will tell you the story of the time that I first bought this delicious baguette. One day I was in my farmhouse in the country side of Utah where I used to bake my own bread, and it was baked to perfection with love, my children loved it, my grandchildren loved it even the family dog was addicted to it so we had to send him to a doggy therapist! But one day my 134 year old stone oven that I used to make my bread just collapsed! I did not know what to do...It was in literal pieces, my grandpops used to make his muffins as a kid, my dads family used to live on it they baked all kinds of stuff; cookies, brownies, pies, cakes, crackers, bagels like everything! I was really hearth broken I needed to get it fixed but I promised I would send a shipment of a batch for my grandkids Larry and Kenny in 3 days to eat, I knew I couldn't break my promise and they loved my bread so much, but the oven would take weeks to repair! I tried to make it in an electronic one but it just didn't taste right. So I decided to sleep on it and see if an idea comes to my head. Next morning I woke up went through my daily routines I washed my face, combed my hair, I brushed my teeth and got the goods to make a breakfast like eggs, bacon, bean etc. I was going to go get the bread because I usually cooked up a new batch every Thursday but silly me forgot that I couldn't cook the batch because the oven was in pieces! I thought I was very stupid, and my day was ruined, so I quickly got dressed and headed for the plaza I was venturing around looking for the perfect bread, I went around the whole marketplace/plaza thing I visited so many stores that I lost my track of them! But then here it was, the last store, a Vincenzo's I thought they were going to be just like all of the stores, but I was very wrong oh I was very wrong...After I tasted that sweet scrumptious bread my mouth was like in heaven my eyes started watering I was the happiest I have ever been on my life it was like I was reborn and I should have come here since the day I moved to Utah. After that day I have never baked my bread on my own ever again I always get it from Vincenzo's and my grandkids love it too. This bread has brought my dull life joy!
Final Thoughts:
Good bread I guess.