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Au Fil De Vent

Au Fil Du Vent - Verjus

The producers-transformers company AU FIL DU VENT have been the first to create a brand-new  Grape VERJUS in Quebec.
There are all sorts of VERJUICE, but most comes from the grape juice.

We use a blend of three blue grapes. Harvesting season for VERJUICE is during the first weeks of August when the grape reaches a rate of 7-9% sugar (brix) and an acidity range of 2.5 - 2.8 pH.

The VERJUICE is a product without alcohol, without maturation and fermentation?

It is based on the pressing of immature grapes.

It does not contain any conservative agents, only grape juice.

After opening, refrigerate and consume within two months that follow, it can be frozen to extend (small ice mold).


Perfect for Deglaze sauces.
Excelllent to marinate the meat.
Use in dressing for salads.
Use in beverage, part of VERJUICE five parts water carbonated.

Au Fil De Vent
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