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Seedlip Non-Alcoholic - Sprit Garden 108

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Seedlip Distilled Non-Alcoholic drinks– The world’s first non-alcoholic spirits. 
Spirit Garden 108 - 700 ml bottle
A floral blend of hand-picked Peas & homegrown Hay from founder Ben Branson’s Farm with traditional garden herb distillates in celebration of the English countryside. Why 108? It's the average number of days it takes to sow, grow & hand-pick the peas used in this unique spirit.
Profile: Herbal
Plants: Peas, Hay, Spearmint, Rosemary, Thyme
Sugar, Calorie, & Sweetener Free. No Artificial Flavours. No Allergens.

Founded by Ben in his kitchen in the woods, with a copper still & copy of The Art of Distillation to continue his family's 300 year farming ancestry & change the way the world drinks. In the 1600's Apothecaries were using small copper stills to make non-alcoholic herbal remedies. This alchemy was documented in The Art of Distillation published in London in the year 1651 & is now re-purposed for the modern day.Mother Earth is gracious, precious & ingenious. In honour of this wild & natural world, only the finest ingredients are harvested & individually cold macerated, distilled & then blended to capture nature's true spirit in Seedlip products.

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