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At Vincenzo's, we specialize in all things cheese!


Take a look at our variety of exquisite cheeses, where tradition meets quality in every slice. From creamy bries to sharp aged cheddars, including organic and artisanal options, our collection caters to all tastes and occasions. Take your meals to the next level with the distinct flavours of our carefully selected cheeses.


Sort by milk type to find a variety of gourmet cheeses. From the rich creaminess of cow's milk cheese to the tangy notes of goat cheese, the robust flavours of sheep's milk cheese, the unique taste of water buffalo cheese, and the innovative plant-based cheese options, indulge in a delightful selection!


You can also refine your cheese selection by their country of origin! Choose from Canada, Italy, France, England, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Holland, and Greece.


Planning to add a cheesy touch to your next gathering? Host a Raclette party! We offer raclette machine rentals. Looking for fondue? Check out our selection of fondue sets, fondue cheeses, and even recipes in our cheese fondue flyer!


Are you inspired to create your own cheese from the comfort of your own home? We can help! Check out our cheese-making supplies.