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Giddy Yoyo Sweet Vanilla 69%

Our idea of the perfect transition bar and the closest we will come to making milk chocolate.  69% Sweet Vanilla is our idea of the perfect ‘transition’ bar for those desiring to make the leap from milk to dark chocolate, yet also appeals to those who love the dark dark bars.

Go figure J  - This bar originated as the 63% SWEET, however I thought the recipe needed to be kicked up a notch…enter the deliciousness of the 69% Sweet Vanilla! The alchemic combination of heirloom dark unroasted cacao, mineral rich cane juice crystals, coconut oil and a pinch of the best vanilla beans & Ecuadorian mountain salt merge together to create a mylkie malty marshmallowy chocolate divinity!

No cows were harmed in the making of this chocolate bar.

Love & Gratitude
* Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste
* Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals
* Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter
* Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
Ecuadorian Mt. Salt
Vanilla Beans, ground

*Certified Organic by ECOCERT CANADA.


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