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La Cultura

Beef Carpaccio



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La Cultura Beef Carpaccio is made from very lean North American beef, aged for two months, and seasoned with salt, top quality Italian spices and juniper berries. It is low in sodium and calories, whilst being rich in protein and vitamins.

Perfectly Paired With:
Good red wine, and a sunny day.
Carpaccio is best served thinly sliced with an olive oil drizzle.


Our products marry traditional Italian recipes with the best ingredients to be found.
We perfected our technique by working alongside the Italian masters.
We trial, taste and test our products until we are satisfied that you will be thrilled.

All of our products are fresh air dried in temperature and humidity controlled rooms, using top quality equipment.  Maintaining and exceeding stringent health & safety standards are the foundations of our dry aging process.


Portion Size Per 40g

Calories.      50g

Fat.       1.5g

Protein.     6g

Carbs.      0g

Sodium.     280mg

La Cultura
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