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Queso de Cabra

Cabra, a Spanish Goat's milk cheese, is created in the fabled La Mancha region of Spain. It's distinctive lemony peppery flavor and supple satiny Body have earned Cabra its place in Spanish tapas bars and cheese lovers households worldwide. La Mancha's rich variety of grasses, shrubs sand abundant wild herbs give this cheese a taste and aroma that could only come from the Spanish heartland. Enjoy Cabra shaved over salads, thinly sliced on a Crusty bread, crumbled over green vegetables or chunked at cocktail hour. 


<< 1599 >>

Country - Spain 

Region - La Mancha 

Milk - Goat's 

Fat - 25% 

Wine Pairings: Spanish Sherry or Red Wine 

  • Goat
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