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Pingue Prosciutto

Certified Organic & Naturally Raised

We employ the old world Italian methods to make our pride and joy, Pingue Prosciutto. When Niagara Food Specialties receives the fresh hams, they are trimmed then sea-salt preserved and air-dried for a minimum of 18 months before we bring them to market.


Serving: Prosciutto can be the center item of the dish, thinly sliced accompanied with fresh fruit, melon or pear (variations: pears poached in red wine served with fresh walnut or roasted/caramelized figs). Fresh mozzarella is also a nice pairing modulating a more intense flavoured prosciutto. Also, served on warm toast (bruschetta, is better of course). Grilled prosciutto sandwich with stracchino (cream) cheese and arugula.

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