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CornHusker- Gourmet Duck Fat Spray

All natural, with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients!
Duck fat is naturally gluten-free!
High smoke point making it safer and easier to use.
Canned, sprayable duck fat is a flavorful alternative to other cooking sprays
High in unsaturated fat with 20% less saturated fat than butter.
No need to refrigerate…it’s reusable and has a very long shelf life!
Made in the USA of 100% recyclable material.
Duck fat comes from French cuisine, where a little-known secret about the French Paradox originates. It’s true: the French are thinner and have half the reported heart problems than that of Americans, though they eat meats and fats. Peculiarly, duck fat is the most common animal fat eaten in the southwestern region of France known as Gascony, where reported heart problems are half that of the rest of France.
In addition to Duck Fat Spray, we offer other animal fats including chicken fat, pork lard, and beef tallow.

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