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Agrestis - Fiore d'oro - DOP EVOO

Italy, Sicily- Intense

This Oil captures for its intensity of sensations, We find fresh olive and vegetables notes, leading to a sour tomato taste.  This olive-oil is very aromatic and points out the fragrance of artichokes. Its taste is very complex, in fact it can be rich of sweet signs and of vibrant tones of spicy and bitter. We use the most innovative technologies in application of all the norms regarding both hygiene and quality. Its intense flavour rich in grassy scents and sour tomatoes flavour renders it particularly fit to season various dishes including salads, mixed greens, fish appetizers, legumes soups, roast fish and white and red meat dishes.


TYPE OF CULTIVAR : Tonda Iblea 100%


HARVEST TIME: From October 1st to November 10th

HARVEST SYSTEM: Manual picking

GRINDING METHOD: Cold spin-dryer

DENSITY: High fluidity with natural decantation

COLOUR : Limpid with a seductive and bright green colour.



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