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Lucidio Vialone Nano Rice


Vialone Nano Riso. Lying just east of Torino in the fertile Po River Valley is the 12th century estate of Principato di Lucedio. The simple medieval structure with its majestic coupla and abbey church of Santa Maria di Lucedio was founded on lands donated to the Cistercian monks from La Ferte by the Marque de Ranieri di Monferrato. The monks introduced the process of cultivating rice in the 15th century. This is the preferred rice of the Veneto region of Italy. The grain is shorter and rounder than other Italian rice varietals in this category. Vialone Nano absorbs more liquid than other varietals, releasing a delicate, starchy, creamy base. The delicate, yet moist, quality of this rice when cooked lends itself extremely well to the seafood or vegetable dishes that are so prominent in the Veneto. In Venice one will find tiny clams and green flakes of parsley studding the creamy risotto base or delicate squash blossoms gently incorporated into the risotto. Country of Origin: Italy

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