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Afeltra Pasta - Penne Lisce

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Afeltra pasta is considered to be a product for connoisseurs, so much so that it has been included in the Slow Food circuit.

 This pasta comes from Vincenzo's homeland, in the Napoli area, Italy.

State-of-the-art machinery has replaced obsolete production systems, continuing to respect the times and methods that characterise the old Gragnanese tradition: a combination which was an immediate success.    The pasta factory, a large and imposing building with majestic doors sculpted from Vesuvian stone, is located in the heart of Gragnano, Italy.

The pasta industry in Gragnano was a fortunate combination of microclimate, also favoured by the purity of the water that bubbles up from the numerous springs in the Lattari Mountains, the knowledge of flours which have been milled for centuries in the Valle dei Mulini (valley of mills), the farsightedness of public authorities that issued numerous orders during the 19th century to encourage the growth of this activity and, last but not least, the skill of entire generations of pasta makers, businessmen and factory workers who, with passion and sacrifice, have made a perfect product, improving the quality day by day, generation by generation, making it an Art.

That Art of Pasta which is synonymous with Gragnano, the Home of Pasta.

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