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Afeltra - Penne Rigate 500g

made with 100% Italian Durum Wheat Semolina mixed with water from Gragnano. Italian wheat is a softer wheat, naturally has less gluten and is easier for digestion.


Afeltra only uses traditional bronze extruding machines, giving the artisanal pasta a rough texture with many pores which help to better absorb the pasta sauce when finishing the dish. Afeltra Penne Rigate are also slowly dried at a low temperature for up to 48 hours which helps the protein structure in the pasta stay strong allowing for a better al dente texture! 

Penne Rigate are one of Italy's most popular cuts. Penne Rigate has a wider tube than the original Penne but Rigate with ridges on the outside. 

It pairs perfectly with vegetable sauces, or tomato-based sauce like the puttanesca sauce, or pesto. The shape is also good for making pasta salad.

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