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De Cecco Pasta - Fusilli

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Fusilli (pasta twists) belong to the very short straight cut pasta format and they are a speciality of the Campania region, in Southern Italy. They have a spiral shape with a 10 mm diameter,a 41 mm average length, and a thickness between 1,35 and 1,48 mm. In the pasta Fusilli were hand made according to a method handed down from mother to daughter, which consisted in twisting a "spaghetto" long thread of pasta, around a knitting needle with the swift movement of a clever hand. This kind of ability reminded the movement of the spinning machine. In fact the word "fusillo" comes from "fuso", spindle, the rod the spinners used to work with. Very tasty with ragù napoletana and ricotta sauces. Excellent also with tomato vegetable sauces with peppers, aubergins, olives and capers. Origin: Italy

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