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Solenzi - Sundried Sweet Peppers

We've all heard of sun-dried tomatoes, but sun-dried peppers? YES! Vine ripened Italian peppers picked at their prime, sprinkled with salt and left to dry under the mediteranean sun. This not only removes all the moisture, it enhances the intense sweetness of the peppers. We then preserve them in jars with oil for you to enjoy anytime of the year. SOLENZI Sun-dried Sweet Peppers Antipasto are perfect as a topping on pizza, or with chicken or ham, or with cheese. A great kitchen pantry item for quick addition to charcuterie boards or any recipe looking for a little pizzaz to make it stand out. Open & eat SOLENZI Sun-dried Sweet Peppers Antipasto. Simplify your life and let SOLENZI do the prepping for you.

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