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Funky Chunky - Nutty Choco Pop - 11oz Canister

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Listen. It’s time to start snacking like an adult. Ditch the bars and say yes to a stylishly nutty, salty-sweet treat. When our signature caramel popcorn was wed to mixed nuts we sealed the coupling with a trio of chocolatey drizzle. Hide it in your bottom drawer, keep it from the whatever you have to do to sneak in moments with Nutty Choco Pop popcorn mix. 

Sneaking this snack? Good job.

Pro Tip: Nutty Choco Pop is the recipe of our fan favorite, Chocolate Popcorn, which we've been making by the batch for over twenty years. But every great popcorn deserves to come of age, and our baby is all grown up with a new bag and a new name. 


Caramel Corn
Caramel Drizzle
Dark, Milk + White Chocolatey Drizzle

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