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Bloc - Duck Foie Gras - Champagne

This is a preparation of 100% foie gras with champagne. Developed using an artisanal method, with the utmost care, our champagne block of foie gras brings sweet aromas and adds delicacy to the product. This festive version will delight all gourmets!

Instruction and storage : Refrigerate 3 hours before eating. Temper 15-20 minutes before opening the can to make it easier to unmold. Open both lids and gently push towards the widest part. Stores for 3-6 days in the refrigerator after opening.

Recommended accompaniments : Our champagne foie gras can be enjoyed on a plain cracker or on toasted bread. You can add Salt flower, along with some onion confit, fruit jelly, fresh figs and pears.

Wines and spirits : Champagne!

Ingredients: Farm-raised duck foie gras, water, champagne, salt and pepper, spices.

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