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Rillettes - Espellette Pepper Duck

Our rillettes 100 % duckare carefully prepared with the best pieces of duck and top-quality ingredients, such as our hand-shredded duck confit and quality spices! This Espelette pepper version (AOP) imported from the South-West of France is perfectly seasoned; full-bodied, but not too spicy!

Directions and storage : Refrigerate for three hours before tasting. Serve cold or at room temperature. Open both lids and gently push towards the widest part. Stores for 3-6 days in the refrigerator after opening.

Recommended accompaniments :Our rillettes are ideal for brunches. Spread on a good baguette, it is the perfect companion for your cheese platters. You can serve it with some onion confit, fruit jelly, fresh figs and nuts. It can be served with a local beer.

Wine and spirits : White wine from Burgundy or the Loire, red wine of your choice.

Ingredients: Duck meat confit, homemade duck stock, fine duck fat, Espelette pepper, salt and pepper.

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