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La Plantation - Black Kampot Pepper - 50g

Incredibly popular black pepper, often referred as “king of spice”, is a well-known spice since ancient times. The peppercorn plant is native to tropical evergreen rain forest of South Indian state, Kerala, from where it spread to tropical regions. Botanically, peppercorn belongs to the family of Piperaceae of the genus of piper; and known scienti cally as Piper nigrum. It is a perennial vine and climber that requires supporting tree or pole to grow in height. The pepper plant start producing small round berries after about three to four years of plantation. Technically, the pepper berry is a drupe, measuring about 5 mm in diameter, containing a single large seed at its center. 

Black peppers have a strong pungent avor that comes to them from volatile-oils, such as piperine. In case of ground peppercorns, these volatile oils may disappear because of evaporation of these compounds if kept open in the air for extended periods.

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