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Pizza Stone Deluxe by BOSKA

You can make your own brick oven quality pizzas at home with the Pizza Stone Deluxe. This handy pizza stone absorbs humidity, which produces an extra crispy pizza crust. Suitable for use in the oven or on the barbecue grill. Features a handy ridge to prevent your pizza from falling off the stone. 

Brick oven quality pizzas
With this pizza stone you are guaranteed pizzas with an extra crispy crust every time. On a regular oven plate a homemade pizza will quickly become soggy. This stone absorbs the humidity stemming from the pizza. The result? Brick oven quality pizzas, just like in a true pizzeria.

High-end pizza stone
 Use it to bake pizzas in the oven or on the BBQ grill. The protruding ridge on the back will prevent your pizza from accidentally sliding off the stone.

Retains heat very well
This pizza stone is thicker than most pizza stones on the market. The advantage? It retains heat better, so the stone doesn't cool off as quickly. This increases the chance of an extra crispy pizza crust. Delicious!

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