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Rootside - Mixes - Ginger Beer

The very first product we made back in 2015, and it's still our best seller! Our Ginger Beer Mix is made with lots of fresh ginger juice (pressed just the day before we make our Ginger Beer) lemon juice and a touch of real cane sugar. Works great with hot water too as a Ginger Tea! But frankly, it's fantastic in a Dark & Stormy or Moscow Mule. Want it a little more or less gingery? Just add a little more or less of our mix!

Mix: 2 Tbsp. (30ml) Ginger Beer Mix, ice, your favourite spirit and top with sparkling water to taste. Alternatively, try hot water for a Ginger Tea or Hot Toddy.

Made with lots of fresh ginger, real ingredients and hardly any sugar.

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