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SPREMY Tomato Machine


For use with fresh or cooked tomatoes.

Rotation of the worm: 110 RPM, Output: 330 pounds/hour of tomatoes

Die-cast metal housing, stainless steel hopper, collector & base

Heavy Duty 170 Watt (1/4 HP) Motor with Cooling Fan, 120 Volts

Automatically Extracts the Tomato Puree, separating it from the seeds and the skin.

Product Dimensions: 19.5-in.  L x 6.5-in   W x 12.75- in. H.
Whether you enjoy the savory taste of fresh tomato sauce on your pasta or want to "can" your great-grandmother's special recipe, the Spremy electric tomato strainer makes creating homemade tomato sauce a breeze.

Strong, sturdy and easy-to-use, this small appliance features a stainless steel hopper and powerful 1/4 horsepower motor that can squeeze up to 330-lbs of tomato sauce per hour! Seeds and skins will be separated for you, producing a smooth tomato puree.

This versatile machine makes a great addition to any kitchen. Try your hand at homemade apple sauce, or any jams and jellies.

  Made in Italy.





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