Jack's Tonic

Jack's Tonique is made in small batches and locally produced
 in Gatineau, Quebec. It has no artificial
 or refined sugars and no preservatives.
 Working exclusively with bees, honey is the only sweetener you will ever find in Jack's Tonique. It features clean, crisp spring water to extract just the right amount of bitterness from the cinchona bark; fresh lemongrass; sweet organic Sicilian lemon juice; a hint of spicy ginger; and a dash of lavender flower. Jack's Tonique is never cooked or boiled so you get all the delicate and subtle aromas from its authentic and premium ingredients.

This is a 500 ml bottle (and 3/4 oz = 1 portion).

Jack's Best Gin and Tonique
3/4 oz of Jack’s Tonique
1 oz of your favourite gin
add some ice
2-3 oz of sparkling water
slice of lemon
Cocktail ingredients in Canada!

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