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To help you sort out what may seem to be an overwhelming array of olive oils, we've separated 3 categories. No one category is "best." Rather, we suggest you sample oils from each of the groups - each can and should take its turn on your table. Many people often have three or four oils at home, using each where it will best fit the flavour of the finished dish. Different days, different oils.

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Egregio Organic EVOO

Spain- Moderate

Extra virgin olive oil from organic olive groves. Mainly made up of the Hojiblanca and Picual varieties. Its sensory profile can be summarized as complex and balanced, very fruit, with a variety of aromas reminiscent of green olives, with hints of ripe olives, fresh grass, green leaf, artichoke and green wood.


On the palate, it stands out for its pungency and bitterness, harmonious and well-balanced, complemented by a hint of sweetness.


It is ideal for all types of green salads and soft cheeses, and to give the final touch to gazpacho and other cold soups.

  • Organic
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