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To help you sort out what may seem to be an overwhelming array of olive oils, we've separated 3 categories. No one category is "best." Rather, we suggest you sample oils from each of the groups - each can and should take its turn on your table. Many people often have three or four oils at home, using each where it will best fit the flavour of the finished dish. Different days, different oils.

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Prunetti Moraiolo Monocultivar Organic EVOO

Italy, Tuscany- Intense

Moraiolo is a round-shaped olive: too many times it has been said that this variety produces big quantity, but low quality oil. The terraces of Chianti Classico contribute to discredit this platitude, enhancing the green, balsamic and very spicy notes that are typical of this variety.Oil of strong intensity, most of all in the perception of spicy sensations, much more powerful than bitter ones, thanks to intense black pepper notes.


Recommended for cooked fish, white meat, savory pies, vegetables with a sweetish taste, fresh cheese. Suitable for complex dishes, especially cheese-based.

  • Organic
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