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Quinta do Bom Sucesso EVOO

The Quinta do Bom Sucesso property of Casa Anadia, has had the tradition of producing the highest quality olive oil since the 17th century. All the olives made to produce this olive oil are grown and harvested at the property and is never sourced elsewhere. The four olives that make up this moderate olive oil are Picual (adds body and depth), Cobrancosa (adds complexity), Galega (adds softness and delicateness) and Arbequina (adds fruitiness) and are picked at the ideal stage of maturity. These olives combined makes this a complex olive oil that is fresh, very fruity, smooth on the mouth, slightly bitter and piquant, with a relatively persistent finish – an intense finish of dried fruits, namely nuts. This extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered.

Olive Variety: Picual, Cobrançosa, Galega  and Arbequina


Use: Perfect olive oil to use as a dressing on more robust salads, brush on grilled vegetables, over fish and shellfish, as a finishing touch on your sautéed chicken or pizza.

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